custom made

sweetpedtooties are custom made in Manitoba, Canada

Sweet Pedtooties™ modern mukluks are custom made in Manitoba, Canada from the highest quality, grade-A suede, rabbit furs, sheepskins and crystals. Each mukluk is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and finish. Sweet Pedtooties™ is the first mukluk design company to incorporate CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements into its designs, resulting in a luxurious and mesmerizing mukluk unlike any other. All Sweet Pedtooties™ CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements designs are works of art, painstakingly beaded by hand to a dazzling finish. Crystal-free, fur-free and faux fur options are also available.

Since all Sweet Pedtooties™ modern mukluks are made to order, they can be customized to each individual. Choose from a variety of suede colours and fur options, sheepskin vs. fleece linings and select a crystal finish. Custom options for fit (specific foot measurement must be provided), calf width and height are also available.

All crystal designs, as well as the mukluks themselves, are handcrafted and may, therefore, vary slightly between and among pairs. As natural materials, it is standard for leather and fur to display minor variations and imperfections. We at Sweet Pedtooties™ believe that these differences only serve to add to the splendor and uniqueness of each pair.

For special orders for custom options not currently available through the Sweet Pedtooties™ website, please contact us at